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Iran a country which has been associated with ancient history and civilization in the arts and industry and has rich reserves of raw materials from the long time ago has been mentioned, as the appropriate bedding for the tile and ceramic industry, and it is possible to refer to the history of this ancient art to the inscribed insignia of Susa to the Achaemenid palace.

This industry was developed further in terms of quality and quantity after Islam. Iranian architects used tiles first in combination with bricks in the views, and in the meantime, with the achievement of mosaic tile technology, adobe tile (seven colors) added to the use of this material.

This technology reached to its apogee in the SAFAVID dynasty era and aroused the splendor of color and light connection in many of the buildings. In this era, the variegation, reflection, and imagery of the tiled surfaces extended new concepts to the space of Iranian life, and happiness, spirituality, and light contributed to the city’s face.

Porcelain brick

Tiles are still valuable and beautiful, but in today’s Iran, the influence of non-indigenous architecture has made tile work, as a traditional element, unable to find a proper link with modern architecture. The use of tiles in contemporary buildings is limited only to religious buildings and monuments that insist on pretending to be traditional. And thus, this old technology remains away of the presence in architectural and urban spaces.

Accordingly, Alborz Ceramic Company, on the basis of its technical knowledge and artistic creativity, began a new effort to revive this original art in the ceramic industry. Its valuable experiences in producing high quality mosaic ceramics and exporting it to many European, Asian and African countries have provided the groundwork for the production of a new product called “porcelain brick” in the field of the building facade industry. Studies on this product began in 2013. In the following, the technical and artistic specifications of the product were determined by the formation of a unit named “Atelier Alborz Unit” and was produced with a variety of colors and dimensions. It is hoped that with the ever-increasing development of proposed designs, while securing consumers` demands, we will take an effective step towards linking to cultural assets with the architecture of this realm.

About Alborz Ceramic Company

Alborz Ceramic is one of the most prestigious brands of luxury design in the production of glazed tiles and mosaics for indoor and outdoor environments. The company was founded in 1973 and its factory is located in Alborz Industrial City, Qazvin, 130 kilometers from Tehran. The company produces its glazed matte, glossy and anti-acid ceramics in sizes 30×60, 25×43, 20×50, 12×24, 15×45, 45×45, 30×30, 25×25, 20×20, 15×15, 10×10 cm.

The company also has a variety of glazy matte, glossy, anti-acid and non-slippery mosaics with square shapes in sizes of 5.7 × 5.7 × 5.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 × 1.7 × 1.7 centimeter, produces rectangular shapes in sizes of 5×20, 5×10, 2.5x5cm and also a hexagonal shape with a diameter of 3. 3 centimeters in more than 75 different colors. Alborz Ceramic products are manufactured using European state of the art technology and the most modern machineries in accordance with European standards. The porcelain body, friction, freezing, acids and heat shocks resistance are some of the most important benefits of these products. The products of this company are suitable for all indoor and outdoor residential and commercial areas such as baths, kitchens, sports spaces, hotels, swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, water views, facades of buildings, urban areas, etc. Currently, a large volume of these products are exported to Europe, Africa, CIS countries, Arab states, New Zealand, Australia and South American countries. Alborz Ceramics offers a wide range of decoration and luxury arrangements that are ideal for any living environment, and represents a unique style that combines classical style with modern concepts, integrates fashion and design.

Porcelain brick is a modern product with an old age in the building industry. The Atelier Alborz Unit, with its specialized studies, has again sought to recreate this valuable product in the construction industry. This product has a durability and stone characteristics with lower weight than stone, while minimizing the risks in earthquakes and natural disasters, with a very low thickness (6-9 mm), this product dramatically reduces the structural load problem.

The use of porcelain bricks allows designers to pay special attention to the presence of color from the very beginning of the design process, in addition, porcelain bricks will not be affected by sunlight and will have a lasting color composition.

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Quality Policy

The activities of Alborz Complex are the production and sale of ceramic tiles with a world-class competitive quality. Since our highest goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, we aim to rely on knowledge, experience and commitment of the staff, to achieve this, and to do the right thing from the beginning, to continuously improve our activities in all aspects.

To achieve this, we will continue to educate and train our coworkers and in a friendly atmosphere, we will take advantage of the cooperation and consultation of these loved ones with their relatives to production family, including customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to meet their demands.

We believe in human values and we are committed to maintaining the safety and health of the personnel, and we will strive to protect our environment. The quality management system is based on  the ISO9001:2008 standard and it is expected that all partners will comply with the national laws and standards and that they accomplish all the duties and responsibilities defined in the quality system to have a good cooperation with the management representative in the quality system.

iso90012008Quality Assurance System:
Certificate of quality assurance system according to ISO9001:2000 

Considering that supplying the needs of customers and stakeholders is the cornerstone of Alborz Ceramic Company’s activities, in order to properly manage the quality in all processes, the company bases its quality management system on the basis of the international standard of quality management system ISO9001:2008 and its effectiveness Is constantly evaluated.

Integrated Management Policy

Our activity is to design, produce and sell all kinds of miniature and non-miniature ceramic with world-class competitive quality. By relying on God Almighty and using the knowledge, experience and commitment of our human resources, in order to achieve our final goal which is to fulfill our customers` satisfaction and achieve global markets, we pay special attention to the following requirements:

  • Creation of a large family of Alborz with a deep look at the material and spiritual needs of all beneficiaries
  • Continuous improvement of product quality in order to attract, maintain and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Access to zero waste
  • Attention to human resources as the most important pillar of the organization and the efforts to continue education and promote the level of awareness and knowledge of colleagues.
  • Attraction of consultation and cooperation of all the members of this production family, including customers and suppliers, and other beneficiaries to secure their legal demands.
  • Planning and ongoing efforts to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases in the staff, reduce injuries and human waste, and reduce the impact of occupational hazards.
  • Optimizing material and capital resources and saving energy
  • Effectiveness and continuous improvement in all activities
  • Maintaining and enhancing the interests of all stakeholders in the organization
  • Targeted production based on customer needs to reduce product deposition in the warehouse

Accordingly, all partners at the level of responsibilities defined in the management system are expected to implement IMS strictly, (Quality Management System based on ISO9001:2008. Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004 and Occupational Safety and Health Administration OHSAS18001:2007) to achieve the highly valued goals of the company.