Precast partition

Precast partition
Description unit The amount in the product of the porcelain non-porcelain panel Amount based on regulations
Weight of the panel with a thickness of 12 cm kg/m2 7
 thick ceramic weight 6 mm kg/m2 13
Laminated weight under work with a thickness of 3 mm kg/m2 5
Weight of tile adhesive with thickness of 3 mm kg/m2 5
Sound insulation dB >45 45 db
Heat transfer coefficient w/m2.K 0.31 <0.69
Heat transfer resistance m2.K/w >2.997 >1.4
Time to run every square meter of the wall Labor Hour >0.5
Tensile strength of adhesive (28 days in standard condition) N/mm2 >1.4< EN1348
Immersion in water N/mm2 >1.2 EN1348
Freeze – Melting N/mm2 >1.15 EN1348
Aging at high temperature >1 EN1348
Slipping mm >=0.5 EN1308
Plasticity mm >3.5 EN12002
Adhesive adhesive to ceramic >N/mm2 >0.95 EN1348
Density kg/l 1.5
Glue density kg/l 1.5